Devil's Laundry


27 years of solitude

anger cried moving forward into battle, at odds with others and ideals
some lie and lying is done for in a mind hardened by the heat of existence
plates readjusting spewing ash and molten embers
the cold alone is unforgiven and the waves crash upon shores i know no more
i never knew the ones receding, melting down to a core long forgotten
nature chooses who the plague moves to and destruction is evident
in all of those who choose to will these fleeting moments forward
a dollar is only a dollar as a million a million as well
work isn't anything when taxes pay the interest of the greedy the sitting
stagnant leading with gleaming evil eyes
in dark corners there is imbalance where the rest are exposed in full light
and grand tunes play not in the ears of the wicked little ones rolling in
thousand dollar sheets tonight
bank, but don't bank on me, don't pay your organizational fee, flee from something, nothing but smiles, dark hair flowing glowing skin ready for a change
god save the king, that is me, as the circus pulled in years and days stretch and zing