evening trigger

sit at home and watch the shows
detest deceptive foes
villainy is right here and over there
I've seen the world, oh I know
I've seen it all through the glass windows
seen fires in barrels in places unknown
felt cold and tasted snow

blistered feet broken radio
nowhere idiots can go on and on and on and on
some days we make martyrs of ourselves
pay for our own punishment

go from house to house talking down about
talking out about going out while you are out
at the party bar getting your drinks at your party bar
aren't we feeling special in our urbanwear
a belt to match the shoes so debonnaire
chemically altered hair, modified
saying things in quantity not quality
spitting mimicking triggering slithering
bottom feed, bashing everything
to pull the strings that make the things
so interesting

there's no rest for me
a stranger among the strange
tired ass and bitching fingers
bursting nothing from inside of me