what do you go home to

i am a shadow on a cave wall
i am a dog at the door hungry for the bell
i give up and get down
wake in time for nothing
this cold stint I'm doing here is getting inside
the cell is getting smaller every day. i hope. i eat. struggle with fears, doubt, and other peoples emotions. it's a spiral into space where it gets harder to breathe. the gods are closer there
we are turning into something sterile, my heart cant take it anymore
when i grow, i gallop, seeking future events like a lost and lonely lion of the night
when i die the earth sits still as i drift. looking back at the ripples I see the trail i have waded , the carnage i push to radiated shores.
 we are becoming nothing, but lost ones
hold me til the morning at least darling, speak soft and happy into my mourning ear, my sad cut away of everything, tiny bones like machines absorbing your energy, to waves i can believe
my genesis is in the tiny chains that bound our ancestors
not built to survive, just able to live
i am in the burning pit and hope that not all we saved is lost today
stagnantly staggering making haste only losing taste
from black smokey lines grasping me wildly into the night
nothing beats time, it's erosion and decay
the ruler of all i know and say