soft light air sofa dream

oh straight streets and sidewalks flat an even for a soul
beach walk sift through thoughts mumble and lull with the tide
imbibe, breath heat solid cornered-in-sight
shake from the rot, sift through the whole
choke and slobber time grows slow
whiz past vroom engine roars with cherry paint jobs
elite light the heights of lake crest bore
white triangles like puppets in a creature show
what needs cost and the seeds bleed forevermore
an old soul, always knows the score
gemin-eyes split-shift-drift, ignore
sip sip, pull from the bellies, pull from the sheep
just what you need
a long day drifts awkwardly through the gleaming nothing of space
tiny islands in the air drift like me and hold on to existence helplessly
never knowing what the end is
or why it is changing

chewed to the quick

shuffle and scuff platforms in hide rubber shoes
awkward and anxious headphone cell phone crying calling texting watching
the businesspeople the shoppers the spenders the beggars the spendthrifts the sellers
caught in the cellar, bizarre and lost hopes
they can never know themselves because they are never alone
mirror tricks and decide choose instantly please me please be
but can't find success if all I look for is love
sick puppy, disgust, it's normal to dye with the rust
it's normal to cry when things seem so unjust
it's easy to lean over rails when you know you won't jump
because someone with less than you inside, but more in the world
is living the life you think you should, could if you would
just button up, settle down, don't regret, don't look so closely at each gem you have found

our bellies are getting rounder, fat from the crude, from the food, and the blood
you can't mix beauty with grime, but soon it all turns to worn leftovers of another time
the gods have all known people, but how many of us know the gods
lightning strikes us down, as do so many forces


i am wrong or I am right

sometimes it starts like a grease fire/ little pools of pain/ sliding down and eating
other times it's creeping fear of disbelief/ the festering feeling of sober anxiety
old hums and strums coincide with tragedy and comedy
 //the only fool a man can claim is himself//
under the glow of the high-definition fire /time movin' slow (I)
don't know when it'll expire...mixing
thin tinges of not uncommon desire
into the waste = into the gyere
through the genes/drank up in rivers and streams
toleration rips at seams/all because of these abstract beings
 system is not complete without travesty


The Presidential Address Tonight! Sold Out! classic

Now that the days are long// what is the best way to destroy the world
Now that the shades are drawn everyone must start playing god//who deserves to know why
action in regulation industry oversight
shower gifts safety inspections
salazar corruption deep
slaughter the patrons
new people top shelf
watch dog not his partner
the better regulations consume less
drilling miles and smiles land and shallow water
urgency requires lobby
candid reserve consequences job
up our well, oh well, lets gulf or golf i mean
painful embrace, energy generation
unleash control//destiny transition
jump start clean speak old wind
smaller efficient family soul
entirement industreaps
only rally one
principal independence comprehensive refinement
cost some//afford right now
addiction approaches either
standards sure power
fractions research boosting
planes and tanks
harness sci tech
refuse wisdom
definition of destiny determination we want our world children
neighbors fate
beginning tradition long ago
bless safety sea success
in good bad weeks seasons
spill pray former promise lost
with thy
last crisis, hard times before


mindless infinities

neglect what you want, give what you will
granted and enchanted isn't happening still
old telephone answer hung up
guilt and a quill tip now i shut up
oh me, I can not see
that mindless infinity beyond me

you would like it better in a song I suppose.  A movement a rhyme, with lovely little harpsicordian sounds that drift bye bye happiness

you're california and I am northern maine, and still
water bends, around, around through the frame, I'm solid but feather down is much warmer than my heart
oh god let me down

the shadows are all conspirators
gangsters with bullets of lead
I've lost all leftover self conscious and I just can't stay aware
fool, you , oh you fool
enough picking battles -you're my frankenstein
enough galloping hills climbing from shelf to shelf, on me
I cannot breathe
my whole life span
depends on theeeee
shallow graves, which cast about,
you lost another, now time runs out
god damned alone, bewildered
shot through the soul=
and all the waking blood inside you dies,
a satisfaction smile grows
tears to stay alive
one nice shot in. to. infinity.

got base on the main defense
as so many wander and lie
sell the ticket after the ride
gone goes done say goodbye
I'm not asking for a
way to strange it, self defiance staking claim at
ooo wee oooo wee
ooooh wii ooooh weee
almost one two three satisfy  curiosity
dishonesty wrongin' me too mad to get by
inspect the check made to magnify
bass boom beat tap tap the rolling flow
the match effect forcing me to let go and get on with the show
satisfy me, as well as I could be don't let me down
I'm too proud to tap out, slip sliding up the downspout

we are transient,
how can we own the earth
commonly mistaken
commonly forgotten
ignored truth of reality

step one: keep the public useless
ascertain needs and issues
gain control of authoritative figures
split fingers make useless splinters in the face of a dying race
sun spots sun burns toil toil toil away we say
old chants singing feeling right
not knowing initiation fucking fight or flight
godspeed you fucking soldier
spent ammo mud hut concrete bunker
steel plate extra wait while we hum
ooooo my cold dead soul
my gunshot wound
my final payment coming true
oooweee oooweee
the shrinking brain fell on me
the holy ghost incredibly
I heard sunshine
and soul was lifted
hollow bones been re gifted

step 2: procreate
My you are lovely.  Lets perform the mating ritual, although we do not want children.  Sounds fun.
First we must let things ferment. First we must ferment.  First amendment.  first amen.  Firmament. Firmant.  man(squared).

step III:
self destruct
I've got a ticket to ride, and I don't care.  Life as temporary, life as temperamental, life as an intermediary between butt and hair.  Supposing eye, su-su-supposin' I would do what I most like.  Do what wraps up with black bow and ashes and dust.  Supposin' I follow the sun til it sits on my weary shores, invigorating this lonesome soul, as you, I am, as we, I are gold light far from sight far from any little broken sacred place where we hide, and discover, shiny ugly minds.  Like mines.  Like mine.  I me.  Emitting frequency, through silly slathered speech and under some, some distant feeling knowing growing building up, into nothing, into wilting little roses in an abandoned overcrowded cemetery, this plot of land, in which I'd been thrown, this plot of dirt, these buried stones.  All I have to do is think a little thing of you and time goes dry, and I close my eyes, because this is forever.  Yeah this is forever.


we are all monsters

nipping at the breath expelled as if life were real for a moment, but by the time I notice our moment is passed. 
The only stranger I know is myself.

old worn - wind down


we-us-are impatient, impotent straggle through live loops
long-time hustle
struggle to shoot in the morning hours, while grabbing paper, coffee, smoke
engulfed in enough 
and inside the head

what happened to the man's man the gentleman and what happened to the rotten stink of within
what happened to the animals, light beam, tree sap thought shadows slipped bark fell green wood
what happened to the life stem steel grate fence in 
the pave way progress sensation
what happened to day dream not shaking
not control unfinished simmer of the forgotten mourning soul

from the lip
from the food service fool
from the shoe vendor and the summer stool
from cramp limb don't want to wake up morning blues
from cascade black 
from effortless endeavors burning proof

drip from the eye
here little twins looking so satisfied

here is to heroicism
      it may                             
be our only 
Here is to persistence,                 which no one understands
         oh my goodness sweaty distance
here is to
our enemies saving graces

phrase that another way