we are all monsters

nipping at the breath expelled as if life were real for a moment, but by the time I notice our moment is passed. 
The only stranger I know is myself.

old worn - wind down


we-us-are impatient, impotent straggle through live loops
long-time hustle
struggle to shoot in the morning hours, while grabbing paper, coffee, smoke
engulfed in enough 
and inside the head

what happened to the man's man the gentleman and what happened to the rotten stink of within
what happened to the animals, light beam, tree sap thought shadows slipped bark fell green wood
what happened to the life stem steel grate fence in 
the pave way progress sensation
what happened to day dream not shaking
not control unfinished simmer of the forgotten mourning soul

from the lip
from the food service fool
from the shoe vendor and the summer stool
from cramp limb don't want to wake up morning blues
from cascade black 
from effortless endeavors burning proof

drip from the eye
here little twins looking so satisfied

here is to heroicism
      it may                             
be our only 
Here is to persistence,                 which no one understands
         oh my goodness sweaty distance
here is to
our enemies saving graces

phrase that another way

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