long thought

I am a walking mammal. A bi-ped homo sapien.
I have an epidermis, it coats my entire body.
I perceive color spectrum through ocular lenses.
Electromagnetism rules my physical world.
If there is a god he hides in the mysteries of gravity,
and within the secrets of the atom.
My needs are as follows:
Oxygen mixture for cell function
Carbon based matter for cell function
Hydrogen-Oxygen mixture for hydration
Fornication for reproduction(optional)
Communication for proper brain function
Sunlight for survival
Weapons for cell defense(optional)
Temperate climate for survival

Any "needs" past these are strictly "wants".
Wants have constructed my immediate material world.
"Life" is perplexing in nature.
Time is infinite
and everything is obsolete.
Thought is beyond the realm of the purely physical.
The galaxies of yesterday are the black holes of tomorrow.
Yet another idea that escapes the finality of scientific dissection.
Scientific dissection had sliced through everything, and stripped it of supernatural fiction. With unexplainable phenomenon humans may have had more passion. People often do great and terrible things in the face of what they do not understand. It is far worse when large amounts of humans have terrible misconceptions about life and the finality of it.

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