old dawn cap you fisherman son
go out into the lake at night scattered
kicked leaves in the fishes funerary fire
and that trees soul does it spout out into
black oak earth like tiny skyscrapers
tadpoles sleep in hand print holes
the sandy bed where we retire

Old love, old one, given life from safety
falling apart, falling asleep, growing stranger
like the best of the days, the best of all time
sadness in a voice
and pain within the rhyme

oh you somber way
you cool bath in radiant rays
you, I take you in I ... loving arms tracing hands
warm place, the rhythm the rhythm
hold on ghost hold on old woes
hold on lost loving land lined with fantastic regards
oh eyes, you bother me so
you, you see only what you can and not what I want
forgive me self for breaking rules and regulations
for constant disregard and disbelief
for holding on to dreams
and having to give some up

woe, you, won't hold me
like burst balloon blues
like shaking the feelings loose
like where I should be
when I could be what would be the use
to linger on a second,
just a second sir I infer
that this sense in my soul
in that third human dimension

listen man the man had said before
what fabled inspiration grabbed hold and rolled us around
forgive me first of all friends I am still around
I'm bound to the sound I confound and astound you blatantly

I'm sold, I bought the parts of the nothing
now i'm out of everything
i fought gravity, and I fought air
roughly writing about this despair

i search every day I can't find you
no matter how hard I look into the crowds on streets
and in busy macy's department stores
then on and on we can all go on 'old golden fringing listing losing growing'
shedding sleeping on groggy fuck damn ok bu it up drink it up same shit different day
oh I'm just too awkward to deal well under certain circumstanes

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