Wilt Act II part II


Act II

Scene 3


A dark blur like ocean waves grows on the black screen.  Data moshed waves with a strange motion. 
Ellen and Ramon on the beach, he is always in night and she is always in day, lying there on the beach.
 break to Ellen being grabbed by the dark figure, she turns quickly and rushes at him, preparing to use all of her energy fighting this figure, and as she rushes he turns to ash.  She falls against the wall and holds her arms up ready to fight, or cry, or die, or all three. 
  She runs through a hall and finds an elevator.  she looks back and sees a glimmer of sparking red.  she jumps in the elevator and pushes buttons frantically.  It closes and she pushes the emergency stop button.  she sobs in the bright lit box.  the lights flicker.
That flicker transitions to the eye of the old man at the door.  He is holding a small pitchfork caked with blood. 
The fire axe is heavy but Jacob prepares it to swing at the man.  The man smiles and continues forward slowly.  A couple walks by outside and Sarah starts to scream to them for help. 
The man and woman stop to look through the windows.
The old man grimaces.
flash, black, flash, black

Ellen is in the elevator.  She is leaning against the wall.  She pushes the button and smacks the wall.  The elevator moves, flashes of the dark figure there with her appear. as she closes her eyes and sobs.  The doors open to a balcony in a huge theater.  She sees an exit door in the distance and runs for it, she skips past the dark seats with people flashing in and out of them.  static noise rises.  She sees the light and in a triumphant push forward(slow motion) runs into the dark man as he appears suddenly and grabs her.  Static and distortion fade the screen out. 

couple looking in doors

man-    Did you hear that?
woman-   sounded like someone screaming.

Music rises suddenly from the theater.  A woman singing.  An opera piece. 
Jacob swings the axe as the old man advances with pitchfork at chest level.  The axe knocks the pitchfork out of his hands, but Jacob hits the wall and drops the axe.  The man comes forward swinging the broken handle and Jacob kicks him in the stomach and the man staggers back, they look up and the couple is gone he and Sarah run toward the music. 

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