I read the news today oh boy.
What must he have meant to do with all those words
what do you intend to do with all of yours
oh my o-mighty-o 
oh my i i i 
can't forget being forgotten lost and soft and
weight shifting earth split and 
am/fm satellite radio
 get lost spit cough turn off the stereo
the conservation will be televised
devastation of the system right before your eyes
born cold grown old and forgot the ride
oh my-i-iii

Things have been different lately.  The cold gets to me.  It's a miserable state to be cold in Chicago.  
People are strange.  SOmetimeS I think I am stranger.  I don't like horse abuse, but I like having horses downtown this time of year.  
Vapor is cool.  Seeing heat rise off of people in the cold, the way street lights look swirling with puffs of snow, it's beautiful.  Really, and snow angels, ice skating, christmas, THANKSGIVING@@@!!!, the cold breaks me down though.
the old breaks me down though
the old breas me dow tough
he ld   as  me d ough
h  as  me dough
has me ogh
 a  me o

like being
thirsty and
not being able
to find anything
to drink and you sweat
looking frantically desperate
for just a bit of moisture something
to wet your roasty throat gulping with the 
last saliva that you have left tasting every
molecule in the air as they turn bitter and fleeting


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  1. Hi Matty, Glad to see your new post :) I hope you are well besides dealing with the cold...