rasterized life forms

broken city with broken lyric
lines of lines dwelling in decay
machiavelli's voice drown burning urban remains
so scathed the wrong and deathly gallows humor
so spread the fear and white lie to self parody
and cast lines sticky with unholy stink
to catch the lost and swimming cadavers
ground to shape from twisting violence
the nature, the destructive motions of the abyss
a bullet can miss, a lover can kiss,
but no one can save you
if you won't save yourself

Target aqcuired
element expired
one rolling day into the next, another hump up a mountain
another window shatter, boom boom kind of town
my city of endless sleep,
my distant rocky core,
my dried up to the center stream
slipping down wall boulder holding incoming cling

Protect and serve the hearts and minds
never leave a friend behind
never shoot to maim
protect investments
ingest anti-depressants
pretend it's worth it
should you die for something you don't fully know or understand
should you sign up to fight man
would i die happy or sad
what if this chance is the best chance the only chance for what I have, should I be buried with heavy bloody hands, that this protective nature demands, that which seems to be out of gods commands,
that which is the mirror of a universe in which change is king
survival of the meanest, the cleanest, well fed, protected head, ready to die, and scared to death to lose an inch
the army's on ambien so they say
zanex, zoloft lets go hey hey!
red bull standing guard for days!
Thanks to all my fighting, terrorism will just go away
broken city broken lyric
broke and I can't play


  1. dark, awesome, and terrifying... great writing

  2. Thank you Christopher. I wrote this with some frustration and sadness, as my family is going through a difficult time right now. We just found out my little bro has cancer, he is so positive though, and we all should be. Please anyone who reads this have him in your prayers, whether you believe in god or not there is power in positive thinking.

  3. HI Matty, great post as usual. I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I'll be sure to keep him in my thoughts and I if there is something I can do for you or to help in anyway, please let me know. I've lost family to cancer and my sister and I work with cancer organizations so please let me know if I can do anything. I'm thinking of you alot since I know this is hard for you too