existence FAQ

what do i know of balance?
in the beginning space petrified.  It turned into solid dark blocks.  Gravity warped these blocks, and as they warped energy was generated.  The energy collected and the pressure built, then... BOOM!  fiery bits of energy break apart the still space.  As it cools and slows, somewhere in a medium temperature zone, a medium electromagnetic area, globs of energy solidify.  Stars and black holes spin neighbors through curved space, and in those dying rides life is born. 
but what does it matter?
There is no architecture for existence.  This space and space of being is a physical one that just is, like you wake up in the morning and the floor was always there.  There is no mold, no genius pulling strings, but instead natural laws that limit, not govern, the procession and being of all things.
who am I then?
I am you are we are all together.  As the little pieces, the tiniest particles of matter are slowing they vibrate.   An unimaginable amount of these exist throughout the visible universe, and they smash into each other constantly. With all of these energy waves vibrating another form of matter is created.  Life.
From bacteria to plant to animal to man, our ancestors broke through to form the most complex patterns in the universe. 
does that make life another law of the universe?
which came first: the eye, tongue, ear, or skin?
its hard to say what life is.  Philosophers and scientists have debated throughout written history on what exactly existence is, and how one should react to this sudden existence, but the truth is that very little is known about the meaning of life.  I think that if all the senses were developed simultaneously then the possibility of a god is more likely than i previously determined.  If the senses were developed two at a time or less I believe the possibility of life being a natural law of the universe and our existence and thoughts are all just more ways for it to reach out from the place where it sprouted.
Is there other life in the universe?
If life is a natural law of the universe then the possibility is highly likely that there is other life similar to ours in the universe.

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