the brain of the crain pt 3

     Living A Real Life

    Dr. Stiller loved neuroscience. He handled the matter very seriously. He planned every step of his research. He also handled all sensitive equipment and research material himself. Every night before he left the lab he would personally inspect each brain. Once a month he would change the blood tubes himself. It was a waking nightmare of his that someone else would be the fault in his experiments. He must know every step himself and the easiest way for him to do that was to do it himself. 
    Technically he was what might be considered as their father, and he treated each with that inspiration in mind. He had nurtured them since creation and had taught them things as they grew, as if each were really a child. Some nights, he would just stand and stare into the room. The glass barrier between him and his children as the slept and dreamed electromagnetic dreams. 
    If Stiller was the father then Niri Usala was the mother. Niri was the cognitive scientist and had a superior understanding of the mind. She was top of her class at MIT, and was an active member in the cogsci club. There were six members, all of which she was still friends with today. They were her family and the reason she got her PhD.
    Now this was her family. Six brains and an antisocial coworker who fogged up the glass standing there looking at the unreal objects floating in synthetic amniotic fluid. Blood pumping in and out through smooth grafted tubes. Computer screens filled the walls, showing constant scans and data being collected at that moment. A giant screen in the middle displayed the vital signs, minus a heart beat. The blood is constantly flowing through the veins and capillaries giving the brains life. They had to use human blood, the staff gave twice a week. Their checks were a little larger for it, but for some it was worth it to be a  part of this experiment physically. 
    Stiller looked like he was giving a quart a day. His cheeks were sunken in and his skin a pale white. Niri was just happy that he cleaned himself and everything around him meticulously. It kept him busy around the lab and it was better than watching him stand there dreaming about god knows what. 


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