a convo in the key of M

the sounds of the snaps, and the claps that we made
echoed and rolled, away with the train
no other place, felt quite the same
as I did when you said that you felt like you needed to breathe;
something new and extreme

I thought way too much and it wasn't enough
my mind is stuffed with too many ideas
I want it all I want everything,
I want to wake while I dream and then sleep
sleep off all of the weight and the fate
the destiny that too soon will consume me
it's all that I see
you have holes in your theory and I'm growing weary
of righting the wrongs in our history
so please leave it be


  1. You know this is really great and speaks to me so much as I am dealing with my Bipolar best pal right now who is also fighting PTSD

  2. glad you relate Wendie, that's always satisfying when someone relates something personal with themselves