war they said

I used to think of war in the hollywood sense without any sense.  I used to see these heroic actions, which no doubt in many cases involved the bravery and willpower of the human spirit, and these actions are admirable from the nature of man, but being that, the nature of man, we aknowledge that we all stem from the same thing, and that thing, exists still beyond our scientific unified comprehension.  Man is a warring creature who takes from the violent nature of the very substances which he is created from.  The twisted earth bulging hot inside from the still fresh universe, lit up by the burning light of the sun.  Earthquakes and Hydrogen Dioxide, wind, volcanoes, we live in a violent, turbulent time in the universe.
__I used to not think about things.  I've been watching footage from WWII.  The atom bomb and damages done by the US.  The hand of god dropped down and burnt you up inside and out if you were even close enough to see it.  I think that never in history have so many people been killed at one time.  Should we have bombed North Korea in the Korean War, or now?  Should we bomb Iran?  Is this the problem that constantly faces the American person?  What significance do the moral implications reflect on us as a religious, capitalist, warring system?  Capitalism ensures a fair society, but a hollow society as well.  I don't blame capitalism, I blame greed and the way that power and money make you hollow, what good is there in life when you are on a pedestal and don't have to struggle through the twisted world in which we are forced to exist on?  What choice have I to be spurt forth on a warring planet and laying my hands in what guilt and Hollywood manufactured in my youth and what those warring people bought me to do. 
  I think few of us really have to struggle with the moral implications of mass destruction, but we buy people to do that.  Grown old men, lawyers and families of former politicians, we buy them to make our decisions.  I was bought young to battle in strange lands and would never again offer my soul.  Not with the mysteries of the universe still at large, not with that distrust and distaste still bitter and hot in my throat. 
   Do we live in fear of the next atom bomb?  I'm sure there are still wounds buried deep in foreign soil.  Here we are sweeping up history's ever growing mess.  Albert Einstein helped find the power of god, now we live in fear.  What weapons will the discoverer of the unified theory create?  Will we crash the moon down on the earth in a final assault, is total destruction the only solution?  The mind makes the world the world makes the mind. 


  1. The earth is a destructive place. It was formed out of chaos, explosions and violent movements. I was watching this show on the history channel tonight called "How the Earth was Made". On this show they talked about a near-apocalypse 250 million years ago in which 95% of the earth's species went extinct. That's terrifying and depressing as hell. But, there is silver lining. The death of all those species allowed us to evolve. WWII turned Europe from the epicenter of blood and war in the world to a relatively peaceful continent. Could you picture Germany invading France anytime soon? Could you see Japan experimenting on the Chinese? Could you see them building a militaristic empire again? There are horrible times and events in the world, but as awful as they are, perhaps we do actually learn from our mistakes.

  2. We need to fight War not Wars and destroy the greed and power not the people.
    These Fought In Any Case by Ezra Pound
    These fought in any case,
    and some believing , "pro domo" (for homeland) in any case....
    Some quick to arm,
    some for adventure
    some from fear of weakness
    some from fear of censure,
    some for love of slaughter, in imagination,
    learning later.....
    some in fear, learning love of slaughter;
    Died some, pro patria (for one's country)
    Non "Dulce" non "et decor" (not sweet and not fitting)
    walked eye-deep in Hell
    believing in old men's lies, then unbelieving
    came home, home to a lie
    home to many deceits,
    home to old lies and new infamy
    usury age old and age thick
    and liars in public places
    Daring as never before, wastage as never before.
    Young blood and high blood,
    Fair cheeks and fine bodies;
    fortitude as never before
    frankness as never before
    disillusions as never told in the old days,
    hysterics, trench confessions,
    laughter out of dead bellies......

  3. Hmm...nice reflective, questioning post. I like it! Let me recommend a book by a writer/philosopher who has had a large impact on my philosophical reflections in the past few years.
    Have a look at 'Humanity: A moral history of the 20th Century' by Jonathan Glover. An extremely well researched and referenced book that enabled me to understand the atrocity exhibition that the 20th, and indeed the 21st centuries presented and continues to present to us.
    I have a lot to say on the subject and am currently working on putting together something large of which I will share in the blogosphere in the weeks to come.
    You have an instant follower!