exhausted envy, the invasion of illusion

i cracked the glass and only saw things in two parts
 first, last
no in between
i fast forward and the inevitable cast grown old, blind
as the stumble for the only exit is inevitable

shine on til you fall down forever
maybe that light will blaze someone else's arrows
so some other lonely soul has a better chance of finding their way in the dark
speak well of the start
for the initial feelings are often the strongest,
and the longest lasting dreams for us while living

1 comment:

  1. Your light blazes my arrow thats for sure! I love the Bukowski qoute you have tattooed, its so very true. It's like I always say, "I count on the same person everyone else counts on..Me. Because at least I know that I've always been there for me." That being said, I'm so glad we have comfort in each others words.