grimy gus blues

the grime of love built up inside us
our sharp edges were scraped dull
from being together, from the weight of want
you reading this now are as leveled out and desperate for love as each other one.
some hide in the cupboards with shame
others fight all monsters with thoughtless rage
goals keep us from thinking of being
being gets in the way of achieving
sleeping blinking still and moving
imagining thinking seeing
only the holy reach for glory in the face of adversity
mind and brain aligned willing and forcing me
media corporate fast gorging on need
capital gluttony

shutting us out bureaucratic symphony hitting a soliloqy
disparity leads to sarcasm transforms to sadness and aching
hope on a string drifts just outside your window
curtains open letting soft summer sun in
all that dirt grime and dust weighs down your sides, and the window just isn't big enough
sitting in sorrowful stupor look at the lamp spilled in the shuffle shut the window
and the curtains as well
grimy gus shutting out the sun which he has shunned
bearing the burdens of what he has done
from door to dull drab everything seen so much before
home to check check double check check everything once more
kicked out gaslight gone out outside the world lost alone
sleep bench bed time good night walk work reprise
who am i alone in a room full of thoughtful minds and silent souls
this is the end of the line

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  1. I love the last two lines, so much emotion. Great work :)