In a very bad attitude I say to you
this is wrong it's all wrong and I ball my fists
This is fucked what happened where did we go
where am I now what do I do god damnit
I fought I killed I got no thrills
I loved I lost I worked for what
for fucking nothing no one is here
no one knows how it feels to be inside a mind that hates everyone for being human and not knowing that shit
and it's probably not even the war it's probably my fucked up self
I can't do anything fucking right I'm worthless, a nobody
I want the rich to all be poor I don't care if I starve anymore
Fuck overseas banks, plastic surgery, and jewelry
what the fuck does that have to do with my country
but it's what the world wants it's what it craves
superficiality and nothing real
well good job good going people your really making a change
your feeding the African babies and reducing global warming
your spreading freedom and democracy improving trade
and god bless the VA for giving our troops AID's
you have made it so most of the vets would be happier
dead anyway
Your spilling the blood of your own in the name of peace
you don't matter, your vote doesn't matter
because any way you flip it
the coin is the same
I'll punch out all your smiles so you really know shame
so you can never be happy or know ignorance again
i'll go kicking and screaming as they drag me away
no man is a god but you have made business your king
you've made money and buildings and pretty things
you've done wrong to be here just like me
only the guilt was somehow lost in your ancestry
you've made man your slaves, you've killed civilizations
claimed torture to be in the name of god, and raped nations
sat down and watched as your brothers, your people are diminished, as a species kills itself, as the virus of diminishing morality spreads, I was born into a world that I just do not fit


  1. That last line is just genius! I'm always thinking the same thing, maybe the problem is I was born too late, too early or just the fact that I was born into this world at all

  2. Not alone at all sweetie. You and I are part of "une generation perdue" as Hemingway would say