chopping down the tree of knowledge

this bubble shines
it's glistening smooth sides
reflect the world around it
me, you, I
we live inside
the laughter bounces off the walls
and comes back to us
but when we have sorrow
it escapes, pushed so hard out
I like the sound of the streets and the water
no one likes the cries of man
I think of me she says
I only do that
I'm stuck in this mind
this body, this bubble
I am all I have
when I hold onto my sorrow
it makes me who I am
while the world floats on their laughter
I sink with mine

the distorted light from above
comes through the filter of my mind
the eyes the nose the ears the skin
reach out for comfort
comfort me please
I want, I want, I want
I can't, I don't, I won't
it's not worth it
but all I want, need, die without
the world mine, mind of the world
distilling the feeling
crushing it down, sucking in all mass
like a black hole, let go
let go, fast


  1. I am all I have
    when I hold onto my sorrow
    it makes me who I am.....I LOVE that!!!! I want to do some art to go along with that or a Tshirt I can wear all the time. That is me in a few words. Wonderful!!

  2. thanks Wendie you exaggerate tho, only a little

  3. I'm serious, if I wanted to exaggerate I would say "WOw Matt, that is the best thing I have ever read! You are more of a genius than Mozart!" :P