for the cold hearts and iron stomachs

the ceiling goes up forever
the floor is always there
we can look up
but looking down is pointless
if i found you in the cracks
down in the grain of the wood
the blood of the earth
I would sigh and smile

If we chance meet
on a train to Howard
on the cool seats
in the early summer air
flashing light of the sun
behind you
as it dodges the buildings
of the city
I would have a full heart

If we left earth
not in a plane
or a spaceship
if we danced without bodies
in the bodies of the universe
I would weep
and the tears would water planets
life would spur from that
and the yellow gold of a million eyes
in the lights at night
would see us together

If all I had was nothing
and everything was gone
if the days lasted forever
if I could not go on
I would rejoice
in the fact that it would be over
no more would the morning dew
fall upon my lawn
engaging my spite
in my lonely early yawn

If the moon was my spotlight
in a world dimly lit
I would touch the rocks
to make sure that is what they were
because I would still believe
in the dark corners
and tricks of the eye
I would want to extinguish

Now I have the wires
the filaments and fiber optic cables
I have the books the signals
the words and the thought
in that is loss
in that I lost myself to the beauty
the inner workings of my soul
have become but another diagram
another power point presentation
on the evolution of man

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