i've got eyes that see
they see the black and white
they see the lines that seperate you from eye and
everything around us
shades of grey that

my peace is your peace
and we sweep the floor
what blood
what torn flesh
disability inability
wastes me

Finger foods for better moods
eye candy that rots my teeth
so much in common
so much in need
the reflection in my eyes
this three d image
this salt this
cold this whole flesh
everything I bleed

your done done is done and fun is fun
mirror on the wall
makin' magic
rippin the fabric
holding back the static
i love you
washed away the melee
the frey
the words eye say
i pray
to an undoing god
the sod that I breathe
the web and the need the breed
come and get me
I'm ready to go
to show to flow
frow cup to gulley
to stream to lake
and all the hearth I break
unrelenting always resenting
a god is a god is a god
and love is so hard I can't breathe
I weave I seethe
I reeeeeeeemake
take a bit
a shit a lit
a mit a kit
a virgin smitten with being bitten
the lonely lovesick kitten
the drivel the dazzle
the moping the babble
the late night games of trivial pursuit
making a puzzle work
doing the white
doing the power
playing with the white thing
back and forth forever
song play song play song play
net, serve, disaster
closing walls I'll deck the halls
I'll rub my balls
because I no longer care
I wish you away I say it's okay
I play and sway back and forth
the world at more
I morph and store my memory
from nothing
depression can take so much out of you I have to warm myself up
bury me

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  1. I like it! Reminds me of the NOFX line "Simple solutions created by Black and White thinking, too bad the world don't work that way..."