world keeps slipping away

and the moon is hollow too
like the subway that directs me to you
like the parking space on the street that is dangerously close to the fire hydrant
hysterical being, constantly grieving
forgetting and dreaming
lazy in the sunburnt streaks of life everlasting
basking in some uncanny glow
the wildfire of nature burning too close to the tent
screams in the night, in the trees, dropping branches
holding onto talisman and prodigal paper
untamed I said wild and feral
seek as I may I long and search forth
put forth put on disguised
shadowed played by and actor
who isn't me and never could be
distasteful disgraceful remembered
for that or nothing that is close
to this to that and everything goes flat
entropy increases my my me me ceases
the bloody caesar, who holds the clean hand of Pilate
I dance to the sound of generations lapsing
to the green hard board and million transistors
the deafening light of a lcd screen
the blinding sound of your digital movement in C minor
or maybe A flat
give me a chance
a change a open range
a horse a gun and a saddle
built to do battle
no soft flesh on the killing fields
as you loose the dogs
the hawks circle and I feel fine
gone is the sun
gone is the heart
bold and hungry the lions of my spite leap forth
and push you to the ground with a forearm to the throat
cause and effection external. internal.
bingo, bust, everyone is a winner!
got to get mine, mind, nine out of ten dopamine receptors accepting
build up, higher, higher, heightened by the moment the second
the fall the feel, the air, how shallow, the gallow comes
rain down upon me zeus with your bolt
my loves, walk to me with heads down
I part away from them
distant, I want to hold on
I can not
this rope slips
and everything is forgot

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