He held on to the day like the wasting edge of a cliff. She flew into the night like rain drops. The same situation with it's up's and it's downs. His heart beat and hurt. Her heart traveled to destinations like the bee to the flower. His eyes swolen tucking in long forgotten shades like the mundane leaves on the ground. Her eyes lit like fire across the sky, burning brilliantly with untainted glory. His fingers slip more on the strained rock face. She tires of flying alone, and wonders how brilliant her eyes really are. He whispers for help and she smirks. He begs and she turns. She flies through the canyons, the mazes, the trees. He looks down into deep darkness, and up to the same. He prayed that there wasn't a god. She prayed that that god would forgive. They were alone, he dying, she trying to live. He digs his hands in with a last fluttering bit of strength and the rock cuts his fingers. Deep dark reds spiral down his fingers, and hands. He pulls himself up regardless of being drained and left for dead. She spirals in the air seeing him in the pale light. Her wings are spread white as the dove and leathery. He picks up a stone, should I throw it? She sees this and trembles in the air. He tosses the stone lightly in his hand mesmorized by her beautiful burning eyes. Anger and detest. He squeezes the rock. In his enclosed fist he could feel them starting to dig into the soft flesh of his hand. Opening it a thousand tiny scarabs crawl from the wounded palms and engulf the man. Slowly his body is deflating and being coverd by scarabs. She cries, the tear falls to the earth and showers silvery blue light on the earth in circular waves. It brushes over the scarabs and the turn over dead. The mans body is mangled and unrekognizable. She hovers over and studies the corpse. The remnants are sticky and starting to stink already. She opens his mouth and sticks her arm inside. She struggles and pulls out a bloody heart full of the black dead beetles. She ties it with his shoelace and puts it around her neck. That night she didn't sleep. That night he slept forever.

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