you will never be loved in your castle
and I will never be loved in my bunker
the weather vain will thrash
but no lasting romance
the walls of loss are too strong
built up in the night
because too many lonely violent souls collided
taking what they could, and burning what they could not carry away
fear lamplight and warning sirens
weep to synaptic responses
shut down the memory banks
and sharpen the blades


  1. Wow. You know Matty, I've been struggling alot these past few weeks with my depression (bi polar type 2) and I know that you know how hard it is to pull yourself out of it. Somehow, reading your work always seems to strike a cord with me. Maybe because its so great and maybe its because it makes me feel less alone. Either way, keep it up and thanks for all beauty you bring into the world despite the dark that surrounds it sometimes.

  2. Thanks Wendie, I love getting your comments, it makes me feel less alone too. Remember Bukowski said "there are worse things than being alone", i even tattoo'd it on my arm to force myself to remember I am my own best friend/biggest fan, and from those extremely sad lonely times there is always something that can be created that does someone some good.