Wilt Act II


Act II   The hurt of every day dreams...

Scene I
Interior_Royal George Theater
Old man
police officer

low shot of them shuffling through hallways and storage areas to a ticket counter with a telephone.  Ramon uses it to call the police and the three sit in a security camera view, possibly through a round mirror.  The old man is standing back rocking on his feet while rubbing his hands.  Ellen is trying not to look up at him but does slowly.  He smiles at her, she immediately feels uncomfortable,

Ellen-     "Thank you for helping us, I thought we were going to die! It was awful."

Man-      "It's no trouble miss, I'm glad he didn't get you"

He says this and grins terribly.  She smiles with hesitance and looks to Ramon as he hangs up the phone.

Ramon-  "They are sending a patrolman to get a description, can you take us to the front to meet them?"

Man-    "Sure can."

The man leads them to the door, where they sit and wait for the officer to come.  Low far shot of them sitting, the shadows being cast on the back walls add visual stimulation.  Ellen looks at Ramon's cut leg, and dresses the would with a piece of beach towel.  The blood is crusted on to Ramon's leg, he is in mild pain, they are both experiencing slight shock, dilated pupils, adrenaline still affecting them. 

External ground level shot of the back door. Shadows move close and two feet walk by, followed by a length of rope and two people tied up being drug behind along the ground, toward the door. 

The man is in a back room with water running, he is bent over a sink, and he starts to shake, his arm jerking back, and spitting up foam in the sink.
cue intense music.

Police car pulls up in front of building.  The lights shine past, lighting up the couple's eyes.  They get up and meet the officer at the door. 

Shot of a creaked open door in a dark room with a closeup of an object dripping, with the creaked door and a flashlight jerkily shining into the room.  The dripping makes a noise but is only a precursor to build-up of mechanical heartbeat sound.  Door bursts and light fills screen. 

high shot of couple talking to police in doorway.  Officer writing down and Ramon with his arm around Ellen.  Then to shot of taillight moving forward/Ellen and Ramon returning to the theater. 

Ellen-    I have to use the bathroom

Ramon-   where did that man go?

They walk back from the doors toward a restroom sign. 

Shot of eye in burlap sack, covering head. The opening eye of one of the bodies drug into the theater earlier.  Shot of a body shaking around in the dark, next to another body. 

Back to Ellen and Ramon near the bathrooms.

Ramon-   You use the bathroom and I will go call us a cab

Ellen-    don't leave me here alone this place is creepy

Ramon-  it will take two seconds, don't worry you are safe

Ellen walks quickly to the restroom while Ramon goes to the telephone.

Burlap sack slides across floor pushing the rope out.  Struggling until she frees her hand finally, and reaching for the sack and ripping it off, taking deep breaths after removing the gag from her mouth.  She is hysterical as she frees her other hand and lunges for the other body. 

Scene 2

Interior Royal George
Time-very early morning
Rat trap man
Dark Figure Man

Photo booth pictures of the Dark figure flip past the screen creating a warping, moving face. 
Immediate transition to bathroom floor.  black drips creep down from the ceiling slowly.  The door opens and it shrinks back as Ellen enters. 
Ramon walks back to find the telephone and hears something from a distance.  He walks out into an open area

Ramon-    Hello?

He walks forward, and looks down.  He sees two thin wet trails on the ground, and hears a girls voice from the room they come out from.  He walks toward the room slowly.  Close up shot of feet walking.  He puts his hand on the handle.  He twists slowly, he begins to push, and it slams open, and a man screams as he jumps out with a fire ax and drives it into Ramon's skull. Ramon falls backwards, Jacob pukes on top of the body.
 Chimes ring, and long creaking sounds rise.  Ellen hears a noise and walks quickly from the bathroom, evading the unseen black drips. 

Ellen-     "Ramon"

She walks to where she had thought the phone was, in the darkness she sees a figure, as she gets closer her heart drops, Ramon has been killed with an axe.  She runs to him and looks away from the disfigured head, she sobs

The old man appears half in the light, with blazing red eyes.  Ellen screams as she sees him and turns to run.  He is too fast and touches her arm, as he makes contact, that half of her body starts to rip away, the screen is blurring with static and corrupt data. 

The dark figure walks the theater.  with blazing eyes.

Sarah and Jacob are working their way to the door, Jacob is carrying the axe, Sarah is hiding behind a candle holder.  They hear a scream from behind them, while their heads are turned a man walks between them and the doors in the distance, it immediately starts walking forward. 

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