Wilt Act 1

Dust and light shine on cement walls. flashes of projector showing old film of woman dancing(16mm-videotape).  Close ups of woman's face, warp with black swirl, like rot and wet ink.  When the woman turns in the projection, dust in the room swirls.  Flash, she is bowing,  flowers are being thrown to her.  Flash, shaky camera and dead womans face, corrodes and flies cover projection. Zoom out from black insects to reveal them as a huge pattern covering the white of an eye. 
"Wilt" fades in and out shades of gray.

Scene 1
Exterior- beach
Time- sunset
Ellen - Female Early 20's
Roman- Male Early 20's

Couple plays tic tac toe in the sand.  Sky is underexposed and dark, people overexposed.  Between long pauses of silence and projector noise coming in slowly to build mood.  A close up of each reveals the following dialogue:

Ellen  " well would you believe he is wearing that out here" (points finger in distance)

wide shot showing Roman look away, cut shot to Ellen writing in another X and looking up quickly

Roman  (looking at Ellen) "what are you talking about"

Ellen " I don't know, he looked like an Amish guy on a Segway"

Roman " He must feel like Marty Mcfly"

Move to couple laughing together after Ellen puts a line through her diagonal X's.  film stretches and melts into new footage, in night vision mode, fire lighting the couple laying together, sped up footage of background of day, night, sun and moon passing overhead, coupled with stop motion foreground of the barely moving couple.  Taped over 3 days at least.

Scene 2

Time-still dark early morning
Dark Figure

Out of the night comes a dark figure with a pale mouth and  grimy clothes.  Waves splash behind him in the darkness.  Key low instrumentals that sound faintly of projectors and humming appliances, factory machinery, only bring to a dull hum, as the dark man approaches the sleeping couple.  His knife glimmers, speckled with rust or residue.  He creeps in the sand, waiting for the fall of the waves to mask his sound.  He gets close to the couple, close enough to strike, he smiles

straight to black

backward playing footage of snake skin pattern looping/painted numbers and symbols/ faces from magazine illustrations morphing into real people/scary head

straight to black

camera pulls back from Ellen's mouth as she wakes up and sees the dark figure above them.

straight to white

drop camera down from beaming over saturated sun, shoot entirely in first person small child's point of view, looking at his father, intersperse with dark woods at night, as the child looks at the father the father sticks his tongue out, where every 15 seconds or so the flashes of dark forest are intense and show a dark scarecrow figure advancing.

Zoom out from Ramon's eye and keep camera steadily in front of his face as he goes through motions of fighting and disarming the creature as he had woken up scared out of his mind. Ramon kicks the man and notices his leg is cut, he grabs Ellen and they run away.

Out on the street Ramon tries his phone as it flickers on and off.  He looks around and sees the trail end of something go in a door,

Ramon - "Hey! can you help us out, we need the police!"

Ramon starts to run down an alley way, Ellen hesitantly grabs his arms and then follows after he gives her an irritated glance.  Ramon leads her down the alleyway.  As they get to the end they see a tall man in coveralls.  He is hunched as he walks and tall, a close-up shows his hand sliding something dark and matted into his pocket, he turns as he is being waved down by the couple, Ellen loses steps and slows as they approach,

Ramon - Sir may we use your phone to call the police

Man- oh well uh what for

Ramon- my girlfriend and I were just attacked by a man with a knife, please we must call them now!

Man- oh well ok

The man raises his rubber gloved hand to the door, and as they go in, the man trails, pulling off his gloves and laying down a bloody rat trap in the alleyway.

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