oh my my feeling
sensations soul
provoking through unseen depravity play the part
be one, many one any one but me
ok ok now settle down its all fine when we can see a little , a critical separation from my seam seems to be that
nothing can satisfy statistically
open hand open soul foul mouthed and willing to scroll to droll along
sinister mister long
for better or worseeeeee
not feeling so hot
gray light blue
and dull, the quickest sickness to take it's fiery toll,   fuck you, i won u
i oen little or nothing, liggle or nothing , little or shallow style simplistic thought provoke distant such sought shot alone disgraced my oh how i am feeling alone
oh how i break the ozone, oh how I cry this is so alone, so outgrown, so sunstroked and windblown
a goldfish slips into your water filthy slaves, fuck you we own you

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