on the confusion of conformity

liquor, music, saturated discrepancies lying dying pitiful serenity in simplicity madness and impossibilities roam, faded trains change line gone with the windows and snow bank blind
she lifted me up and damaged me inside, my kite will one day fly I'll say
traced in fine ink on fine paper crouched in corners bad behavior
going through the motions like a drunken fighter
like a trained systematic violent instigator, the traitor to the heart and the mind
the plus minus plus minus pin chest, pin head state of mind
though you succeed and man can not be defined by the line of work to determine his worth
we have spilt forth on violent earth with no verse to be checked or manual to rely on
faith is a fateful notion, while I live susceptible to the actions of the people
while i live grounded, down, earthen disguise demise deep fried enjoyment
blitz, bombardment, building up and ripping down
fall, ceiling.  And as the dust settles I see the shade of war, it is ash...

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