I used to think I'd never be able to live or die. I thought that things would just slow down and moments pass by. The winds of change are powerful. The might they use to carry me place to place. the lack of restraint in my cost and waste. I hold my mouth shut and keep my pace only long enough to grow some and then fade with no grace.
Bitter wine in my mouth, I've shunned so much and it's not even down. Down is crawling getting to, from, or away. shattered limbs and bones that can break, broken laws and broken homes, broken watch forever running late. Total recollection, sudden depression, instant regression, alllllllllllllll of the above.
r^ght now I'm wishing away pain.
$tretching muscle and vertebrae
calculating co$t and disarray
palpitations of the heart aren't going away
flickers of nothing that I make into something
leave no words of worth left to say


  1. My Dear Matty,
    Your words are always worth reading

  2. I met you once in a Pekin, Il. bar. It must've been sometime around the fall or winter of 2013. The only reason I really remember you is because I'm a 4 tour combat veteran and you were using your wasted air to bad mouth veterans. It took all the restraint I could muster not to smash your head repeatedly until teeth fell from your arrogant mouth. Anyway, you gave me this web address after I told you to shut the fuck up, as if it were some justification to you being a pompous ass. It took me three years to even log on, and now all I can say is you've managed to waste even more of my time, because all I can find is endless, mediocre (at best)poetry. Nothing at all that justifies the disrespectful comments you made that evening in Pekin. Looking back, I should've just beat shit outta you... BMFK