Avante Garde Duty Free

my dreams are sunken in obstruction
lacking satisfaction confounded by abstraction
this distraction lackens my senses
penetrates my defenses
devastating smoke screens
of living breathing beings

I love the blur,
the motions,
shadows casting slipping by
how our words and symbols
slyly collide in our lives and minds
disappearing reappearing everything
winding tight wrought ropes of eternity
flickering lights and energy releases in space
till blackness dissolves any trace

I held my breath all night. I drank between grinning teeth, ate, and sang some I think. I strung strange instruments and played to everyone's disbelief. I've been reading about mythology and the human psyche. Are we all Odysseus the champion of gods and men. Are we noble rogues in eternal struggle with nature's paved ways. Am I living in the scientific realm to hide myself from Ra and Zeus? Is my mana holding traces of ancient remains?

all it is is anything

curves and straight lines flow through the reflections in my eyes
cones and rods capture and analyze
I see said the blind man,
but I don't even try

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