Filter The Breath You Expel, Diverge In Altruism

=====5===== Next To Nothing

It will all even out he thought as he rubbed his sweaty hands on his pants.  He was inside the station looking through aisles avoiding eye contact with the stocky droog at the checkout window.  The colors and the lights were making his head hurt, he quickly looked out to make sure the car was in the same place he had left it moments ago.  He grabbed a bag of gummy worms and a large energy drink, opening and consuming them at the counter.  The attendant looked at him with twinges of disgust and said
"That all for ya partner." blandly. 
"Yeah that's it." the man replied with a choking slurping speech. 
Life is made up of these awkward encounters.
He reached for the door as a strange electrical feeling rose from his feet to his spine.   fear, instinctual, habitual.  Everything was quiet after his foot squeaked in it's place.  He looked down into his drink, and red on the label "caffine-free".  He turned to look at the attendant
The beast stood there in the ripped flesh of the attendant.  The entire window was splattered with blood.  The skeletal remains twitched and  bounced blue in the dimmed light.  The man stared into the darkness underneath the flesh, and saw a glimmer of a black  eye.  He saw teeth and twitching body parts, nerve endings flipping around with stripped muscle tissue.  As the man pulled the door open the thing started scraping at the glass with a mix of broken finger bone and what could only be a claw.  Out the door he could hear a shriek.  He looked back to see the mashed attendants head poking through a spider webbed opening in the bulletproof glass.
   He ran.   it wasn't the first time he had to.

$$$$$$6$$$$$$ You Bought And Sold Your Love.

Sadly enough nothing is ever enough.  Looking through the library for a few books to read.  Read them on the train.  Get home and don't help but think that it's oddly disabling.  It's critically sedating.  Rub eyes, rub face, be alive.  Maybe shave.  Likely to misbehave without haste. 

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  1. Wow, that was nuts, I didn't expect that the way the story was going.