As I read Vonnegut's tales I realize that I lost most of my humanity. I am thinking very intently about my relationship to the world and it's getting sadder as I grow older. I know 26 is still young, there is plenty of time...
So at a young age by societies definition, i witnessed and experienced some less than normal situations involving people and cultures in conflict. I've seen emptiness and beauty in mankind. I don't know what I can say to fully explain my present nature in definitive terms. Following along that path I can not explain most of nature in any definitive terms. but i can say-
there was a sun and a moon and we were just spinnin' round
satisfaction at every angle, high of heights and lowest of grounds
and i don't know
if i have a soul
this mind of mine sure beats me down
hold the elevator door
and i don't know
should I say within the eyes of the enemies that I plead for more
got me in debt to the mindset that bleeds me dry
from wounds that are still sore

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