When I was a kid I loved to go outside. I loved to walk with my mom anywhere in the sun. Climbing trees and digging up anything interesting. The world was cool and full of amazing things, at least wherever the confines of dependency allowed us to be.
pass it to the left hand side. going counter clockwise. Like a clock turning back time. Three steps and turn behind another child of mankind. I carry my weight. I carry it in plastic bags tied wrought around my waist. I turn every three steps and keep my pace. I've traveled all around but every time I walk I turn around. Around and around the spacious places under foot, underneath, unknowingly.
Blind side and I don't sound right. High and dry I don't feel right. I've fallen so far and now the clouds are empty bars retaining invisibly. I'm frightened for me. in stereo and on tv. bland dinner my palette doesn't taste like it should, wish I were good enough, or something that someone might love. I'm powerless against antics and secretly drink from a cup overfilled and it's spilled making me plain, insane, gone over the edge once again.
I blither and blabber as the mud splatters on me, and trees look like burning fiends tired and swaying in the breeze, dissolving me, and I see that you've made it home again. It's all over again, this shadow that won't repent and I resent all the things that you said. Party on Wayne, party on Garth, on toward the new sights the new sounds and forget your cough, the coffee is cold and it's time to move on to something I like, something I dream, and don't you forget, we've all been absolved we don't have to pay rent
and the company calls us again. The phone is wet from streamin, it's no surprise, it's my demise, it would be wise to just hang up my hat. And say goodnight.

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  1. I wish we could go back to yesterday sometimes, just to live those great moments we had as children again