Bourgeois Life Under The Invisible Claw

Things get very dramatic. ____1____

He gets hot in the sun like a lizard.  On the lawn of some rolling meadow, he has droopy socks and sunglasses on.  He is thinking about unlocking the secrets of the world.  Breaking down life to the smallest form, and relating it completely to that of the universe at large.  He looks up to a blazing sun seeing tiny swirls of life floating through the air.  He breathes in and hears a birds chirp in the distance.  The numbers are there and he will change the way we perceive reality.  A whir comes up behind him and as atoms burst in his mind, a frisbee smashes into his temple. 

He died. 

Very A-typical shit._____2________

The grapes of wrath grow on the vines of the powerful, using the Earth of man.   They don't control the sun, so for now they still have a god they haven't conquered.  If fiction, in ways, still dictates life, then everyone is always somewhat right.

You Send Me Darling   >>>--<3-->

The moon came out.  We didn't expect it to so early.  I always think of Dune when I see it and I'm not even sure if that is relevant.  We smashed a lot of bugs on dirty windshields from the road and from the cold.  I think you wore mittens.  I think I was someone different.  I feel like I'm someone different.  I have grown, but in many ways I'm still the same.  I've learned that there is hardly ever perfect, there is only bad and in between.  passion, burning kindling.  Too many down turned eye brows, too many faces filled with frowns.  I will no longer be the sad clown, sappy sucker, god damn. 

++++++++++++4+++++++++++++Maybe This Will Make Sense, Rose

I pictured this as being the malleable state that I could do what I wanted t.........

the lord of obstacles
disintegrates reality
a vicious adversary beast

speak bitterly of darkness
when you have not witnessed light
the state and shape of the ways
words aren't worth ancient waste

...t wasn't quite what I meant.

to be continued...

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