auburning me alive

stomachs in our ears
deriving separation
our worlds are worlds apart
honesty policy falls short
you can strew it
you can shout
all the eyes are slowly falling out

on my paper in truth through the meaning
in little bits of me and mind and mine
o my god please please please
the shake downs out on the nod

right my mind like no other kind
the stray way we fumble without light
these arms might hold us up for a night
well done somewhere else,
{ somewhere dying eyes still shine bright }

my buddy's in the foxho-o-0le
he got shot in the hey-e-ed
the medic say's he's wounde-e-ed
but I know that he's de-e-ead

you've still got rhythm
you've still got blues
out of answers worth wild without proof
it's one a.m. if the alarm clock is true
whiskey wisdom coming through

can't you see, a fire in me
Thermite and fury
how many more cities can be buried
nights of losing lives
meanwhile galaxy constantly moving
we will soon be fossilized

Lone life long lost in bitter sweet chaos
the frost drops and slips down to bottoms top

the guides lost his sense of the ropes
you stutter and stare, blank into the air
shaking hands and shaking head
narcissistic necessity fit to fix
bold bronzed and made to start shit
nothing is fine, you need what You want
fostered in failed mindset speculations of reality

ground down ground zero no heroes can ever be
speculated as spot on soldiering so full of selfless service sickened silently

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