Christian Health and Economic Stimulus

Rep. Danny K. Davis of my district whom represents me in the House of Representatives has an earmark in the upcoming stimulus bill. It is 1.3 million dollars for a christian medical center. Now it sounds good on the outside, if your not me I suppose. I think about the fact that it is a "christian" health center. Separation of church and state should prevent stimulus money for our economy going towards something with such a blatant religious base. Why are we using money to create jobs for people in the medical field whom I never thought there was a problem finding jobs in the first place. There are so many opportunities for people going into the medical field in Illinois. This makes me wonder if Davis rode into office through health care dollars. I could think of a lot of other things that 1.3 mil dollars could go toward which would benefit the demographic of the unemployed much more. I don't believe this project will do much for our economy.
If anyone has watched the news lately they see the new "war at home" with the Mexican drug cartels. This is a result of our countries narrow minded action in the "war on drugs". Drug use has been demonized in America even though the deadly use of alcohol and tobacco is rampant. Our prisons are full of non-violent drug crimes costing American people millions a year. Imagine a world where you had the right to consume what you choose without threat of the strong armed government. I think drug related crime and violence would dissipate overnight. What is there left to fight over if there is no underground drug problem. Drugs are never going to go away. People don't change because of the legality of a substance. Your life is yours and if you are not hurting other people then you should have the right to do as you choose. The government lets us corrode our livers and blacken our lungs and make money off of it. They imprison people on the basis of laws started in a time when the world was afraid of everything. It is said the war on drugs was started because Nixon didn't want people protesting the Vietnam war. So a crackdown on drug users to him was a crackdown on the opposition.
MDMA also known as Exstacy is now being used to treat people with treatment resistant PTSD. The drug was originally a prescription drug used for counseling between couples. Some kids started abusing it as kids tend to do with anything just look at alcohol related deaths in teens. Therefore to protect people they took away something that could be a valuable tool in therapy. Now it is a nother substance demonized as well. Mushrooms, another evil substance is now being proven to help with spirituality, and gives a sense of completeness, something I believe we all lack. Regardless of your views we have a constitution which states that anything not outlined in the constitution is decided by the states and the people. The war on drugs is in direct defiance of that, and is used as a political tool by politicians and pundits.

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