Who Cares

Not sure if anyone does anymore. When a bum comes up to you drunk swinging a belt around with bloody holes in his face what do you do? I gave him a knuckle pound and told him to stay safe. If I had some medical stuff I might have tried to fix him up a bit, but I still doubt he would take care of himself at all. Doubt. I doubt so much. Such a strange word can be very powerful.
People doubt themselves. They deny what they see. They pass and powerful images become usual things. The ugly truth of society ingrains itself and you pass without caring anymore. I am the same. I think I have problems. There are always people who have worse. My land is a land of waste. You should stop reading right now and go look for youtube videos of Louis CK on Conan O'brien. He is a neo-Carlin style comedian, and this bit is a great view on the worthlessness of our generation.

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