I am the darkness. I am the shadows cast by fire on your bedroom wall. I am those memories. I am those pictures in that box. I slip an slither through your mind impossible to catch. I can't be pointed at. I can't be removed. I am the dreams that keep you awake and afraid at night. I am the tightness in the chest, the constricted throat. I am your shame, you guilt, and your cowardice. I am your empty bank account. I am the craving for escape. I'm the drug, the drink, and the sex that gets you by. I am the anger that rises when you see anyone who might trigger something inside you. I am the hate, and the disgust for the meaningless world created by simplicity and technology. I am the adrenaline that pumps without want or need. I am the anxiety that creeps. I am the pain that can't be killed. I am emptiness in your core, I make you want to hurt your self and create a means for the emptiness to escape. I am upturned noses and grimacing face. I am the deaf one that can certainly hear, but I just don't because I don't care. I am the end.

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