Tortured Souls

So the Obama administration released documents showing the Bush administrations violations of constitutional rights. I doubt the mass public pays much attention to these things, although I'm sure there are some of us who do. It is not any surprise that these things happened and I was an advocate of Bush impeachment since I was in Afghanistan. The whole country should have been riled for impeachment if they had any interest in freedom, liberty, and the safety of our nation. I wish that I could make everyone get involved with government overnight, but I can't. I think we honestly have a great nation, and a great people when it comes to serious situations. I think the only way for the soul of our country to shine lies in taking control of the government. We need a large scale reinstatement of our wonderful constitution. We need to revise American law and instill the ideas of our forefathers into the hearts of all men. Until then we head to the depths of loss, sorrow, and painful dilution of freedom.

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  1. Very well said. A lot of good reading here on your blog : )