too often behind

when in the gears
i love her dearly
first sight best sight
lost sight grabbed but didn't hold on
then he came along
i was still there hidden
kiss you on the merry-go-round
reminds me of the time as well, as did the earthy smell
the carnival, and we drank and we had drank before
and everything felt the same, same lovesickstruck anxiety calm comfort

same slithery blithery bullshit between feelings, deep and nostalgic
too nostalgic in fact, i get time travel sick,
relish and regret
smooth exhausted hands, and eyes, oh they have been dazed for days by the backlit nightline screen

how do you describe a smile
a glance and away
how do you tell the sensation that i bring and you bring fizzling with chemical relief
the shiver spine that my song brings

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