bloody stumps waving goodbye

I cut my finger. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stupid wax, it's all shot to hell. I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't play guitar, I can't finish my sculpture. My lawn has been shitted on. I was thinking of writing something earlier so I guess I'll go ahead with that since my other crap is shot. Here it goes.

Experience is the creator of perception. Perception controls experience. Experience creates hope. Hope is a dope, and the scope of the dope that we call hope is only in my head. It's funny that the presidential campaign was run on the word hope. Is there really hope for America? Could you call the amount of change required to bring us back from the wounds of the Bush administration hope? I think it should have been called desperation. We are a country very close to bleeding out. Look at all the people losing jobs every day. When I was at the hospital today I walked by as a doctor was telling a man he had prostate cancer. I couldn't imagine how horrible the news would be and I felt immediately sorry for the man. I wondered if he had a job. If he could even begin to pay the bills to rid his body of that cancer. I think this is where capitalism has really failed society. I'm no socialist, but I think doctors are perceived as the great healers. They went to school though, and they knew the occupation would bring them wealth and respect. I couldn't be a doctor. I couldn't call people like that to tell them they may die if they go without treatment, then let my employer put a price tag on that treatment. I don't think we are a compassionate society any more. I thought that was why we were such a great nation, spreading freedom and goodness across the planet, saving the trees, not eating meat, because we were compassionate. I don't think a man with a cancer eating him feels compassion from a distant society. He may receive kindness from individuals, but this is fleeting I'm sure and the few people that care can only do so much. We used to have communities, people cared about each other. I don't see that anymore. Maybe I'm just a different man now and I'm jaded by society and it's processes, it's lines, it's costs, it's lack of care. Whether a sickness has fallen on you that modern medicine can stop, or a war wound that could have been stopped from even happening if people spoke up. Your words are weapons, weapons that will never kill or destroy the innocent, weapons of hope and change, weapons that represent the light, whatever that may be for you. So don't cast your prayers into your hands, or books, or your deaf walls, speak to be heard and take the hope out of your mind aim with your eyes, project with your lips, and strike with your tongue. Change does not end at the voting booth. It can only happen in the streets, in your community, and in your home.

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