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2009 will be a fantastic year for veterans who served after 9/11. Last year congress passed the post 9/11 GI bill which will give some veterans much more compensation than the meager funds the previous bill allotted. Being one of those veterans I know $1320 a month is definitely not enough to obtain higher education at a reputable institution. I’m looking forward to the new bill, which pays up to the amount of the highest costing in-state institution. It is also providing a housing allowance, and book stipend. Unfortunately the government isn’t expediting this process and leaves me wondering how I will make it past this semester. The reasoning behind waiting until this August to put the bill into effect is because the VA computer systems need updating. Myself and other veterans are put into predicaments, especially those of us attending private institutions because you cannot enroll for another semester if you still owe from the last. I’m living of Ramen and trying to save every penny in this weak economy so I can hope to follow a dream. It will be most likely that I won’t even be able to finish the semester before I am kicked out unless I can find a full time job to cover the rest of the tuition and fees where the ridiculous current GI bill falls short. In a time where we are bailing out CEO’s, banks, and automotive industries you would think there would be some kind of help, but the only answer I have received is taking out a personal loan. Good advice, dig yourself another grave kid. How about this stimulus plan? It has earmarks for everything under the son but do you think it is going to help me stay off the street and on the right path. It’s hard being an art student not going to a state funded school in Illinois, or probably anywhere in the US for that matter. So if your reading this and you want to help me and help vets like me then write your congressmen, senators, and the president for god’s sake. Write the schools and bring up the issues with others, spread the word, and please make a stand to help vet’s in any way you can.

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