Hearts that harvest empty fields,
from seeds with unprotected shields,
our lonely arms hold onto nothing but,
the weapons that this wartime wields
the loneliness that depression brings,
across the shore of imaginings,
it breaks the waves of deep concern,
as I float away from everything
In its pure untainted form,
honesty keeps me warm,
I struggle with the words to say,
and so I'll sadly fade away
Terror strikes with speech so sleek,
there's hardly time to even blink,
as you race to prepare yourself,
the ships already began to sink
Yellow, pink, and blue pills,
control the way your body feels,
glossy eyes and calm breathing,
as your emotion flees and stills
Ever far from ourselves,
we drop our wishes into wells,
so distant from what we know,
we plant the seed that just won't grow.

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