Treating the symptoms of war

The Vet Art Projects New Artwork presentation has finished. My journey and creative expression has not. I am proud of what I'm doing. I feel like life has a direction and there is a need for this cog in the machine. Although my view and beliefs of life and the system we live in are dark, dismal, and full of anger, I find comfort in the work that I do and the interesting people I meet. It makes me wonder with this many fantastic caring people who are doing amazing things, how our country even became what it is now. We are a country that freaks out if personal space is invaded, yet we let our government invade countries, peoples homes, and almost every facet of our lives. Look at your hands, because they are stained with the blood of dead civilians, enemies, and soldiers protecting you. If you choose not to take a stand and help to end this war you are enabling the people who want to invade, kill, and destroy. So many of us want to avoid confrontation in our lives, why not let our country take that stance. Are we too proud to end something most of us know little to nothing about. If I spun a globe would one in ten Americans even know where Iraq or Afghanistan were? Probably not. There is one thing we all have though, an opinoin of beauty. If I can make images in peoples heads to show them the evils of war and the beauty of peace maybe I can make a change. I will fill in a small gap. There are millions so there have to be a lot more artists to help me. We will fill the gaps between what we see on the news or in movies. What the military advertisements tell us or the left wing/right wing so called talk "news" hosts guide us to believe. You want an end to soldiers pain suffering and suicide. You want to treat post traumatic stress disorder? Then start with the root of the problem, war. I listened to Dr. John Fisher tonight tell a group of us about his journey in dealing with his ptsd and all I could think about was how he was right. The military, the VA, and doctors in general are treating the syptoms of PTSD and not getting to the root. We as a society are not getting to the root! We need to embrace our pain and let it become a part of us so it can spread and the feeling that war is wrong and devastating is shared among us as a society. Don't wait til your children, brothers, uncles, or cousins get drawn into the endeavors of beaurocratic despotists before you act to prevent the loss of more souls. In time all systems fail. War can not be the only means of solution in our country.

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  1. Right on Matt! Glad you connected to some of John's words last night. I know he was honored by your presence. You are a light, a beacon of hope. And I am so grateful to call you friend. In peace, Lisa . . . with that Vet Art Project.