Depart this wasted day,

creeping and crawling on these two legs,

flesh and bone where my mind lay,

this master at it's throne, it begs,

for visions sight my senses feel,

it's my own dreams that spin this wheel,

on and over burnt these feelings settle,

lay my heart on but one wilted petal,

away this haze that feels me out

karma's paid and stays without

frayed this maze won't let me out

crazed in space I forged fear and doubt

as this exit made in vain and strain and pain

as this terra rolls and rides in perfect manner

as this road fades it loses gravel once again

as this broken public hangs it's black banner

lie as truth and truth in lies they say

let us depart this wasted day

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  1. This makes me think of a prayer almost, just the way it is written and it's rhythm