sol's story part 1

March 23, 2005 - Wednesday

sol woke up in a pool of his own blood. he peeled his face away from the sticky maroon mess. his matted hair dropped above his eye. he looked at his hand and liked the strange way that the lines in his hand could be seen through the blood. sol thought god never gave him anything except the ability to find comfort in small things. he looked around and appreciated the eerie calm of the dark empty diner. the small lights of the equipment shining and the whirr of the cooler. he picked up the bloody glass of milk off the table and took it to the sink in the back. he removed his bloody apron and put it on a hook outside the bathroom and went in to assess the damage, in the mirror he saw a yin yang of a human face half covered in blood a bit sacreligious looking and the other the plain middle aged white, growing older by the week he thought. the explosion of red on is face obviously came from his nose. sol had never done coke but imagined that this is what heavy users deal with after years of dissolving thier own cartilege. sol started to get angry. he thought of the rabbit. that ugly mangy fucking rabbit. why did the demon have to plague him. why must his mind and body be constantly tortured by this fucking infested hell beast. well there was nothing to do about it now. religion was out of the question, sol had tried it for all about a month, but when the rabbit started joining him at church he decided he didn't need to cause a scene in the middle of a baptism. the rabbit had been around for about eight months now. sol was sitting in the recliner in his small apartment upstairs from newel's reseraunt watching a documentary on scrabble addicts when he felt it come. it was like a bulldozer relocating part of his brain. the pain was immense and fleeted like the ring of cymbals. it was followed with an enormous headache. sol felt like he couldn't breathe. so he got up and went to the window, he looked down at the latch then straight into the jester like face of the rabbit. it smiled at him with grungy teeth, his hair was matted at one ear fell over his face like a mad man's hair. the rabbit lifted the window and crawled in the house. sol was shocked he thought he was dying and this was death. the rabbit stood almost a foot over sol, so it was atleast 6'5". sol started to gasp for air, and grab his throbbing head, the rabbit seemed a minor character compared to the pain he was feeling. the rabbit got in sol's squeezed red face and said "hiya sol, we gonna be gooooood friends" with a smile. sol caressed the blackness that started to seep into the picture, he cuddled with the numbness that ensued and he fell to the floor spurting blood from his nose as he went. the looney tunes theme played in slow motion in his head. he slept, gargling on blood.

March 23, 2005 - Wednesday

sol finished up in the bathroom. something bad had happened, sol knew it. it was almost morning and the diner had closed at nine the night before. the morning shift would be in soon. it wouldn't be the first time sol had still been there. sol wet a dirty rag hanging on the sink and wiped up the blood he had left on the table. he grabbed his apron and went out the back door into the cool air. around the side and up the stairs into a very short hallway with he and his neighbors door, he could hear the neighbors music, still up partying he supposed. key, lock, click he opened the door. there was a running sound the whole place was shaking. all sol saw was a flash of bright silver and a yellow smile, then he was on the ground, he had been smashed in the face with his toaster, the blood dripped off onto the linoleum. sol watched as a puddle gathered. the rabbit got on top of him and turned his face to his, sol caught a whiff of the stench from the rabbits rotten orafice and wanted to vomit. the rabbit licked sols forehead, sol cringed as he felt the rough animal tongue drag across his face like slimy sandpaper. the rabbit grabbed sol's feet and dragged him into the apartment. somehow this totally fucked up situation seemed somewhat normal to him. he was getting used to this hate/hate relationship that had formed over the months. sol hated the rabbit because it tortured him and stole his time from him. the rabbit hated sol for no reason except for his ability to resist the rabbits demands. although there had been lots of mental torture, and a little physical torture lately the rabbit had yet to leave sol in such a delapidated state. the rabbit heaved sol onto his shoulder and took him to the bedroom, and dropped him onto the floor. went out and pushed something against the door. as he lie there the room spun slightly. the light slipping throught he window from the neon newels sign. the room was dark empty and dirty, there was only an old matress on the floor with a well used blanket on top of it. a dresser by the window with an old wind up alarm clock. there was a small closet with a broken sliding door that was always open showing his overflowing boxes and thrift store clothing collection. sol coughed up blood and crawled toward the door.

March 26, 2005 - Saturday

as he inched forward on the stained hardwood floor the room was spinning. he could hear the telivision in the next room playing loudly, sounded like a western. how many demon bunnies are watching westerns at four in the morning he thought. pain was like a strobe light in his body eminating from his face. his left eye was swollen and he couldn't see. he made it to the door, twisted the handle but it wouldnt budge. the rabbit must have put something there to stop his escape. sol slid back onto the floor and rolled over onto his back. he closed his one good eye and thought for a moment about this fucked up situation. he needed to get strength back, so he could break the door down. first he needed a weapon. was there a baseball bat in the closet? he couldn't remember, but it was worth a try. after sol felt he was getting some energy he stood up slowly balancing himself on the wall and walked toward the black closet. he got to the door and looked inside. what a mess, he wished he was more organized. he reached down and moved a box. lifted a pile of clothes and tossed them out. at the bottom was an old iron. he picked it up to judge the weight. he wanted something a little heavier, but he supposed this would do. he turned around and saw something on the ground behind him. it looked like a dog with no head leaning back, he could even see gleaming white teeth. a low growl came out of it. sol gripped the iron tight in his hand. the thing leaped forward sol stepped to the side and brought the iron down on top of it. the thing collapsed completely and seemed to deflate. it was his old turtleneck sweater. sol gripped his head and said 'what is wrong with me'. he dropped down on his butt, and slid away from the sweater into the corner of the room. the sweater rose up on the arms and the neck hole looked toward sol. where the hole should be he saw teeth and just above them some eerie red eyes. the sweater seemed to be foaming. sol started to cry.

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  1. Wow I really enjoyed reading this
    "And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall, tell them a hooka smoking catipilar has given you the call"