slices of sky
piled with night
god give up
what for is my fight
gone going in nothing evermore
waste creates and I create
with this whole world every atom in its place
possesive, your pronouns arent coming out right
the river washes the cool sand from my eyes
gone going everyone is a maze
every pupil glazed every space braced
and spaced out longing for longing for longer
chains wrap dew drops soda goes flat
we do the twist and we put our legs in
one by little one two three
fall out and about take a different route now slow yourself down
little blisters build and still I pop crop circles of pain
razors edges and the eternal flame
broken seeds and army wives this this this
feeling alive the day, the night, day day day
wash away white
traces and faces and pure apple pie
the racing and pacing of trains going by
we'll lay on the track head down and whistles blowing
us away, away, away
this isn't happening, this isn't real
on the bottom the top the insides the sides themselves
she says she says she says
thanks for fucking me up
thanks for saying goodbye
now we're tied up like tree branches
we are the barkless trees in the way of everything
on our way on our own seeking
feeling breath on our necks holding arms in our arms
waking up to alars saying now way
I won't go to work today
I'll sit and write on paper with the blackest ink I can find
I'll make you a mix tape you won't have to rewind
front to back and back again
all over everything everyones in
the game is a golden wash in the war
the salt keeps on dripping out every pore
the gasses the tightrope we all come from one
the plastic in the ocean
still escapes the sun
inside of kalidescopes and desolate dreams
I'll live with this twisted reality
I'll live with this nothing that sweeps over me. I'll live like a monk and she still wouldn't care
everything is everything and I still dont matter
you've got comfort and food, and a nice comfy bed but you live alll alone because
you live in your head and these days these days these days you see
but you don't see me you don't pause for a second you don't even breathe
the kiss on the mirror the break in the plate the space between letters the letters in a name
the wisdom it won't pass in the shdows of your page
the letters will dust and never be read again
the shower is warm and my soul is so cold
the feeling I get is this feeling that just wont go
I need arms, I need words, I need lips and heavin is there we whistle with the train
we say goodbye we say...................
anything from me is anothing meant to be, anything from you is so damn true
the darker the color the deeper the blue
the whirling whirly world twisted and contorted to my words
then the pictures the dark that comes with them I"ll fall asleep never to really sleep again
the time the time the time I died
the time I died I gave up
the time I died I gave up the fight you said to you told me
we could never be never be never be linked to oour own heartbeats
sense is for sense and cents are for cents
the dirty red of an aeroplane jacket
backed by black, the fool is the coward and silence is key
I'm typing and dying,, and crying, and cooling , and fooling, and done with misery
empty black screen empty black screen, empty black screen

buy you will love, your coal will clean up
your heart will beat on you , done.

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