off the road

I'm on the back of a flat semi trailer going down the interstate into some desert. It's mid day but the sun is blurred and the light is a gloomy overcast. I'm sitting on a stool playing guitar while the everchanging clouds swirl over head. they bloom in and out of my subconciousness like white shaddows in the light. The gray destert sprawls around me and there is no one for miles. With slides and twangs shooting off from the guitar in bursts my voice matches the greatest of blues musicians.
With every inhalation and exhalation the sound slid away with the keys of the harmonica. The trailer slowed and stopped and time walked in different directions. The band woke up from the sands behind me and crawled with saxaphones and trumpets in tow. The trailer pulls forward and the parade begins. People were dancing and spitting fire into the air. The desert gave way to beach and I watched the ocean breathe. This is the usual dream.

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