bleach burns and the alkalie

somehow I've lost all my style
Just want to make you smile
what's wrong, nothings wrong
except it all
wind up key in my back
said it at and I take it back
your so cool
I'm so hip
I'm so sick of this feeling sick, stuck
all over the world I see smiles
all over the street I see cries
I want to wash them up
with the dirty newspaper
I want to walk, a long one
a lonely time
I want to put on a suit, with the flanel colors you like
with the shredded up tie
letters like big green balloons in my mind
give way to shapes that I cannot define
possibly a face, but more likely an apple
I see the sunset
and I think of it
and I think fo the pictures
the buildings cascading up or down
my feelings cascading all around
the spirals on a fancy pillow
or the lace on the hem of her dress
the way the white cuts to tan then to black
I heart this I heart that I heart us i heart
i heart beat in chest, hold my bones, heart caress
black shades, not really shades just the black
with white crisp lines then shadowing
cool air, cool water
lost love, unborn daughter
fool, my am, me I
bandage your head now little one
brandish your weapon dear sir
play that beat again backwards
forwards and around
tunnel, spin, in the web
of neon blues and greens
falling, fallen, fullen, sullen, sulking
a ball and a minute
lock the door, turn around
spin the coin, spin some more
dolly daze gagged and played on the machine
in the machine swelling and twisting
isn't she clean
father mother what is a
me you her him it what are we?
field dream, crochet, fade away
puff, billow, glow, grown coarse
fish, pond, jump, lilly
skip, fly away to another city
where the carnival doesn't leave
where the birds always sing
signed sold, delivered, cod
in the ocean the plastic stretches
and breathes
the hum we emit, the sounds where no one can here or see
where isn't a place it's a time, or it's a moment, or its..
a positive negative feeling
everything, vibrating, creating, something from nothing
somethings from zero, zero to me
build those blocks nature
build that lego castle version of everything
face, a face is worth a thousand hellos
a thousand wrists held
a thousand beautiful dinners
and even more drugs
pause and rewind
read the black lines
that build on this empty space
that i fill and refill
can you have enough, can you see through this
like you see through your storm windows
forget about your house of cards
fall into this fold those drop away
so sad, sappy, vicious, vulgar
impaled on rocks in the sun

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  1. There is no one beside me as my soul reaches into the dark and no one will follow me where I embark