lackluster and slack through the being

The only war left is with ourselves.
The only war left is with ourselves.
the ONLY war left is with ourselves.
The only war left is in our heads .
The only war left is in our heads .
THE ONLY war left is in our heads .
the only war left is in our souls .
these only,war's left, in our mind .
these only, wars left in our mind .
the only wars left are in our mind .
the only war left is inside our heart.
the only,war left, in our heart.
the only war left is in our heart.
only war left in our heart.
the only war
the only war left is life.
the only war left, life.
the life.
These only wars left are shadows.
the only war left is a shadow .
l war a
these only,war'sleft are shadows.
the war left shadows.

bang damn gun rocket out motherfucker god
concrete disciple, wasting anything that comes to mind
chant words and whispers hoping just to stay alive
cool damp the inside of a tomb
and the race is on the wisdom tooth pulled
lost reasoning, resonating
paper pages plastered on thick
to this mud waste we call brick
frame it all up and paint it all blue
because god is an angel and he fucking loves you
trees can't be seen here anymore
this place is the place where we die for
from somewhere else invading
this is why I try just debating
nothing is real nothing is true
the more that you own the easier it is to do
forgive and forget but always pay a debt
and when the morning bell comes if your still around
I want you to man up and follow me down
to the river where we all trudged in the mud
we will fill our canteens and dig your body up
we'll put coins in our eyes and lay them back down
follow the reaper to that howling sound
the jackals the devils in their disguise
when death comes a knocking I won't be surprised
talking tall tales into dark caverns and wishing wells
waiting debating what fails to put air in the sails
what fails to hold me to the rails
supposing, supposing anger and rage as we change the page
and everything is exactly the same
the water run dry, the goats will all die, the life will erode
and no one will ever fucking know
you've got shit on your face and inside your boots
you've got pocketwatches for proof
you've got shade and summer and rain
you've got christmas and snowfall and pain
you've got ripped up packages letters and raaaaaage

and I'm on the table pendulum coming down
razor sharp and slicing me down
breaking me out
pulling me out
and too many lines in the flesh
too much energy to be depressed
too much life for this to be the best
and the shadow comes in
inside the house at the end of the bed
without moment to breathe moment to rest
we crossed our fingers and crossed our chest
unfortunately that's all we had left

denemyne: that devil inside
the wasted souls bride
the one I'm so quick to hide, behind
howling in the sandcastles of the mind
buy the ticket take the ride, pick a side
fight or right or right or fight, alright
I've got me in my sights


  1. You say it is the good cause that hallows even war? I say unto you; it is the good war that hollows any cause.....Nietzche
    I thought you might like that :)

  2. Hey Matty did you get what I sent you in the mail yet?

  3. Yes I did! Thank you for the phantastic print.