post conceptual romance

why can't we each just be opening up
oh my god
a little bit of good old honest did you say
but what
the furnace is burning every thing that I love
did you want
the cage is demanding at least I'm standing here
with the door shut
your feeding me beating me heating me up
now thats just
i said what I say and take it away
god damn mouth
just won't shut, won't shut it up
my fingers escape when it's getting late
I'm too drunk
it comes out wrong it comes out lost
oh my god I've lost you for once
on the couch in the place a party one more
and it's true
swept up and away everyone must pay
for the choices we make
around and around where everyone found
something sweet
they walked on for hours and days and for years
while others just wiped off the tears
so much expectation on my behalf I give up
i'm just not enough
farther and farther the spaces between
the gold pumped out through my human machines
glorify everything wrong everything they say I should not
used and abused now all that I know is the same
torn and contorted I get no joy from plain
sure now I'm sober I'll just tell you again
but the tongue that I use so potently
just seems to freeze
and it's time to leave
so see you around, in the air or in your car
I'll be beaten and varnished so it might be wise
to unpack your tools
and stay just a little while

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